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What a crazy time. We hope this finds everyone well, and managing through COVID-19.

There are no easy answers and probably the best thing of all is not to panic, right? But also not to be oblivious. In fact, we can only protect ourselves and there is little we can otherwise do at the current time to help.

Our love and lifeblood for the wine industry is consumers willing to support wine both directly and indirectly across the industry and country. Today- however, that is somewhat difficult, as cities, restaurants, bars, wineries are currently closed down. Understandably for the better for all. But, when the dust settles, and we can move freely, we are counting on your help. Help to support all local vintners, wine shops and wineries in general. It's hard to underestimate and show appreciation for just how much we do appreciate that support. CA, being one of the best wine growing regions in the world.

For now, we remain closed, we are staying healthy, and working remotely like so many. We regret we can't keep this all going and celebrate life each day, but we would be foolish to do so. When we are back open, we sincerely hope and would welcome visits from all of you.

There is no plea here, just a check in, and a hello and well wishes today.

Feel free to contact us, keep in touch, share your thoughts. We are all in this together.

Stay well.


Sally, Eric, Alan, Tom and Pat.

Owners and Winemakers

Eralto Winery & Vineyard

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